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Upcoming Events

Foraging Stories: An Indigenous and Lebanese American Partnership
Facilitated by Lorie Haddad & April Smith

June 27, 2024, 5pm - 8pm, Suggested fee $30

In this workshop, community will forage for wild grape leaves on private land, and connect to stories from Lebanese and Native experiences. They will then cook the food in the traditional manner together.

Exploring Joy Through Writing
Facilitated by Ifrah Mansour

Coming July 2024

This workshop explores joy through our senses stored in our bodies. This is tailored towards writers who want to engage the body, mind and spirit before writing.

Writing as a Form of Protest
Facilitated by Sana Wazwaz

Coming August 2024

This workshop will bring participants through various prompts exploring how our writing can break through barriers and stand as both art and protest literature.

By William Nour

September 20 - October 6, 2024

Developed through our Playwright Incubator series, New Arab American Theater Works is excited to present this world premiere play by Palestinian playwright, William Nour and directed by Taous Khazem.

Physicalizing Solidarity: Dancing Our Body-Homeland with Palestine
2-Part Workshop by Body Watani Dance led by Leila Awadallah and Noelle Awadallah

Coming September/October 2024

How do we decolonize our bodies with Palestine as our guide? In this 2 part workshop BWD invites you to move through an offering that holds space for anticolonial grief and rage (Palestine and beyond), and to explore strategies of physicalizing solidarity and healing that can weave our sacred roots and stories in nonverbal ways.

The Hour of Separation

In Progress — Stay Tuned for More Updates!

The first big wave of Arab immigrants came to the Americas one hundred years ago as a result of war and famine in the Middle East. Through interviews, research, workshop, community dialogue and staged reading, the project attempts to make connections between the past and present condition of Syrian/Lebanese immigrants in Minnesota and beyond asking, What has changed in 100 years of Syrian and Lebanese immigration to America, and what has remained the same?

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