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ROSETTE Auditions

Auditions March 28-29, Callbacks March 30

ROSETTE Auditions

New Arab American Theater Works is excited to announce auditions for its upcoming production of William Nour's Rosette, directed by Taous Khazem.  This play, developed in our incubator series, will have its world premiere in September in Minneapolis. We invite you to audition for this groundbreaking production.  All acting roles are paid at a non-equity rate.

March 28, 29 2024 6-8 pm

March 30, 2024 1-4 pm

New Arab American Theater Works Studio @Open Book
1011 Washington Ave. S. #308
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Sept. 20 - Oct. 6, 2024 (weekday evenings and/or weekends)


Aug. 13 - Sept. 16, 2024 (weekday evenings and/or weekends)

Sept. 12-16, 2024


Rosette is a young Palestinian woman, born in 1948, the year of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Her village was destroyed, and half her family are in refugee camps in Lebanon. It is now 1964. Displaced and living in Haifa with what is left of her family, she is coming of age, questioning her identity, her place in the family and society. Will she follow her sister into an arranged marriage or can she pursue her dreams in the city away from the social constraints of the small village life?


Rosette - Late teens, wants to avoid traditional early marriage and raising a family, and wants to pursue university education. Lively,

Yusef - Rosette’s father, 40’s-50’s. Mourns the loss of his village. Open minded, tolerant.

Aida - Rosette’s mother, 40’s, 50’s. Her main concern is keeping the family together. In charge and controlling.

Sameera - Rosette’s paternal aunt (Yusef’s sister). 40’s-50’s, Shares a house with Rosette’s family. A kind teacher by profession and by nature. Unmarried.

Jamil - Rosette’s next-door neighbor, 40’s-50’s, Self-employed handyman, down to earth

Maryam - Jamil’s wife. 40’s-50’s, devoted traditional wife, keeps traditions and faith but will forgo both, when her family is threatened.

Omar - Maryam and Jamil’s only son, late teens--early twenties. Post high school. Works with his father. Aimless, lives in the moment.

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