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Photo by Bruce Silcox

April 27-30, 2017
At Pangea World Theater
711 West Lake St, Minneapolis

TALES OF TIME by Ahmed Ismail Yusuf
with Amjet Kemet, Fadumo Mohamed, Munira Abdul-Salaam

TALES OF TIME is a short play about an uncle who has raised his second generation Somali-American niece. Now that she is an adult who is about to face the world, he is wrestling with whether to share an unforgiving past.  

PERFORMANCES:  Thursday, April 27, 7 pm; Sunday April 30, 2 pm

TURBULENCE by William Nour

with Jawdy Obeid, Emily Zimmer, Daniel Sakamoto-Wengl, Heidi Berg, Garry Geiken

In a post 9/11 America, flight attendant, Alex Khoury, a Palestinian who had left Israel to escape discrimination, mistrust, suspicion, and second-class existence, finds that he continues to be the target of such treatment in his newly adopted home. 

PERFORMANCES:  Friday, April 28, 7 pm; Sunday April 30 3:30 pm

THE ONE WHO RETURNED by Kathryn Haddad   

with Roy Haddad, George Dahdah, Abir Abukhadra, Joey Haddad 

Against the backdrop of the great Lebanese famine of 1918, two brothers leave to find their fortunes in the Dominican Republic.  Along the way, they encounter both the future and the past as their journeys in life take different paths.

PERFORMANCES:  Saturday, April 29, 7 pm; Sunday April 30, 5 pm

Tales of Time
The One Who Returned
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