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A Clown In Exile

Created by Mohammed Yabdri with Noah Bremer

“In the middle of this chaos in the world where people are losing their humanity, one just wants to become clowns and to rebuild our humanity and be honest and correct with ourselves.”

—Creator, Mohammad Yabdri,
on Minnesota Playlist 

Mohamed Yabdri's tragic clown goes on a journey to overcome his sense of cultural inferiority. After searching the world for a place to call home, he discovers that his dreams sit on the wings of a paper plane. A Clown in Exile premiered at the Alliance Française in Minneapolis, MN and went on to perform in Paris at the Algerian Cultural Center, at the National Theatre of Algiers, at the French Cultural Institutes of Oran, Tlemcen and Constantine, Algeria, and at the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

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