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New Arab American Theater Works Festival

A first-of its-kind festival for the Twin Cities—one of the only ever done in the U.S—a festival of Arab-American theater. 

"A trio of plays this month at Mixed Blood Theatre offers a far more nuanced look at the Arab-American experience than anything you are likely to see on TV or at the movies." 

City Pages

Taous Claire Khazem, Mohamed Yabdri and Kathryn Haddad have each created plays that give a personal window into what it means to be Arab-American."

MPR News, Art Hounds

"As a Lebanese-American Minnesotan, I could identify closely with the characters and cultural subtext in all three plays...But the themes of exploring one’s heritage, adapting to a new home and relying on friends and family as personal touchstones are universal. The festival is well worth attending."

Aisle Say Twin Cities

This event brought together new Arab-American theater pieces in a three-week festival by three locally accomplished Arab-American theater artists. Our work gave new perspective to the general Twin Cities public when thinking about the meaning of “Arab,” “Middle Eastern,” and “Muslim”. 
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