New Arab American Theater Works was founded as a collective of Minnesota based Arab, Arab American and Muslim Theater artists with a wide variety of strengths as writers, performers, educators, and theater makers who have been presenting theater locally, nationally and internationally for over 20 years.  We have worked together, and in the broader community, in many capacities including non-profit, education, and professional theater.  We created a collective to present new theater works by Arab Americans to fill a void in the local and national scene where Arab American theater artists lack voice and opportunities to present our own stories.


Our work gives new perspective to on the terms “Arab”, “Middle Eastern” and “Muslim” terms thrown around in the news media and still continue to be equated with “terrorist” and “war” and “oppressive”.

We are a proud member of the MENA Theater Makers Alliance

We strive to benefit under represented Arab, Arab American and Muslim artists, locally, nationally and internationally.